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Backyard Chickens

A flock of chickens could be the right choice for you.  People frequently think that chickens will bother the neighbors.  Hens are not noisy; roosters are noisy.  You only need hens for fresh eggs.  With the proper housing, your neighbors won't know you have chickens until you share some of your beautiful eggs with them. 

This recent story on The Today Show shows their recent surge in popularity.

You might be suprised to know that many urban areas are zoned for chickens, including Atlanta and Decatur.  We will help you establish your flock in a manner which is sanitary, legal, quiet, and productive.

Backyard garden and chicken consultations are $60 in the Metro Atlanta counties of Gwinnett, Fulton, DeKalb, Rockdale and Henry.   We are willing to travel outside of these areas for an additional travel fee.

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