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Water conservation is a big issue in many areas of the United States, including Georgia.  Look around and you'll see a major ecological movement to "Go Green.
Many people and companies choose to harvest and conserve rainwater using rain barrels.  The rain water that runs through your gutters is just making its way to the storm sewers.  Gutters are good for keeping destructive water away from your house, but letting the water go is a waste of perfectly good water.

Capturing and reusing the water offers many benefits.Not only will you save on utility bills, you will also boost the health of your lawn and garden with chemical-free water.  They also provide the best way to avoid watering restrictions.  Collecting rain in barrels helps slow runoff and encourages rain to soak into the soil more efficiently, which is important to recharging groundwater supplies and protecting sensitive ecosystems. Using a rain barrel also reduces demand from community water supplies and helps avoid the consequences of overusing local water sources.

Can one barrel make a difference?

You might not think you can collect enough water to make a difference. However, you will be surprised how fast rainwater adds up if you are collecting it from the roof. Just a half inch of rain falling on a 1,000-square-foot roof yields 300 gallons of water, and that's only during one rainfall. If annual rainfall in your area is 16 to 20 inches, that is 9,600 to 12,000 gallons of water in a year - way more than you probably need. However, you don't have to catch every drop of rain to reap the benefits. 
A modest-sized house with a typical two-foot overhang will collect about 408 gallons of water during a half-inch rain.  It's easy to calculate your own rainfall potential. First, estimate the square footage of your roof. Divide that number by two. That's how many gallons your roof will collect during a one-inch rainfall.

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