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Location of Your Raised Bed Garden

There are several factors to consider when setting up a raised bed:  How much space do I need?  How many hours of daylight will my plants get on average?  How well can I protect my garden from unwanted visitors (dogs, deer, cats, birds, squirrels, etc.)?

One of the advantages of a raised bed is that you have greater control over these factors.  Using a raised bed, you can garden in places that might restrict you otherwise.  For instance, my mom gets great sunlight on a side of her house where a trench is in place for drainage.  With a planter which is raised above the ground she can take advantage of that light.  A friend has her garden ravaged by deer every summer.  By moving her garden to her deck, she will not only outsmart the deer, but she will also be able to enjoy her beautiful garden right outside of her kitchen.

Gardening on the deck is great but there are probably many options throughout your yard where you can utilize a small space to reap a big return.  Remember you are looking for a 3x3, 3x6, or even as small as 18"x3ft space.  Many with a yard will choose to place beds in various locations.  In the summer it is so enjoyable to look over a yard with lush produce growing everywhere.

Gardener's Supply Company has some good quality, easy to assemble grow beds at a great price.  Using the link below will give you 10% on any order over $75.  I discuss this option at greater length in the Growing Options section.

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